Past Festivals

2017 Old, Bold & Gold

In 2017, We went back to the good old days of the Gold rush. Celebrating the golden fruit that has made this town the Citrus capital of Queensland.

2015: Turning Mandarin in the Asian Century

"In 2015, the Orange Festival Turned Mandarin in the Asian century. As most of you are probably aware, the Asian markets are incredibly important to our industry. While China is undoubtedly the biggest, we also send a large percentage of our produce to almost everywhere throughout South-East Asia with huge markets in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan. We wanted to make this festival a celebration of these important markets and their incredible cultures." Judy Shepherd, President 2015

2013 Carnivale

The Carnivale came to town in 2013. We all had our white Peter Allen party pants on, for a street festival like no other.

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