About the Orange Festival

The Gayndah Orange Festival – started in 1957 – is held every two years and has run continuously (with one exception because of a natural disaster) for 60 years.  Almost entirely volunteer run, it’s a truly small town festival and famous for its Citrusy fun for all ages.

The main Festival weekend is run over three days, mostly in the centre of town and various other venues, it celebrates the Citrus Industry and the town of
Gayndah that supports it.  We’re proud of our town and our industry and it’s an opportunity to celebrate all the good things about living and working here.
Industry supporting the town and Gayndah supporting its main industry.

While strictly speaking, Oranges are only minimally grown here now, with Farms
concentrating on growing Mandarins, we continue to acknowledge where we came from.  We also acknowledge and are very proud of all of Gayndah’s other agricultural and other Business enterprises, and they join us in the celebrations.

The Festival is a great drawcard to Gayndah, very well-known regionally and
throughout Queensland, and offers a snapshot of rural life to visitors.  Each Festival is based around a theme, and many of the local community organisations, sports clubs, schools etc get involved with their own side events - we all work together to involve everyone in the party.

We’ve also had to accept some change, and 2017 is the first being held on a different weekend.  With the end of the June long-weekend in Queensland, we have migrated the Festival to the May long weekend – because a 2-day weekend is just not long enough for all the fun.

One of the last traditional, and one of the oldest small town festivals, we invite and encourage you to join us and help up to continue the tradition.

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